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New Movies Now Playing in the Movie Club

Scat Odyssey 2014
Two beautiful ladies, walking the streets, are hypnotised by the
SCAT man into a euphoric dream state of enjoying an extreme SCAT
Odyssey in the year 2014, a year they might soon forget!

WARNING! ***- Will be SHOCKING to MANY Viewers! -*** WARNING!

Arlene in; I have a SCAT Dream

Most Extreme HOT Scat Action EVER!

Arlene a cute teen has a SCAT Dream; she wants it so badly she can no
longer just fantasize about it, she must bring her dream to reality.
Tonight she will do just that, tonight she'll become the first teen
scat superstar to be covered in the shit of 10 girls!

WARNING! ***- May be SHOCKING to Some Viewers! -***

JoinASS Brothers in...
Teen Toilet Tina

The JoinASS Brothers, Shmoe, Stick, & Scevin meet up with
Tina the Teen Toilet and they have some fun feeding
her from their asses and later from the tour bus septic tank!

Brownie in... Scat Mall Teen

Brownie loves to hang out at the local mall like most
all teens however she loves to meet up with guys that
want to have some scat fun with her.

Lilly in... Defecation Brothel

Lilly is the newest addition to the Defecation Brothel
Her Scat Sisters give her the first lesson...
Tomorrow she'll be ready to service
her fist customer in the art of Defecation !

SCAT Church

It's God's gift to Man preaches the Lord of the Dung.
The group meets every Sunday morning before the Scat
worship service which they all attend covered in Shit.

SCAT Models!

He saw the door open and could smell some shit........
went in and there they were!
He acted as if he was part of the crew and started to film.
Later he gave Meraki a ride home and she shit in his car!

SCAT Bridal Shower!

Now that Martha has found her a nice man to marry all of her
girlfriends through her a SCAT Bridal Shower in her honor.
They through their SCAT at her!
Martha loves her Bridal Shower!
They even bag her and give her a blow-dry.
Martha has a great time and goes home nice and stinky
ready for her wedding to Tudy Man on Monday Morning.


Martha's looking for a nice man to marry and joins up
with the E-Scat-a-date service. 15 guys show up at her house
and she must eat all of their shit to find out whos the best guy
to marry. She eats so much shit in this movie she passes out!


The Scat Squad is looking for a few good Women to make the team!
Lorrie joins up just in time for Sochi 2014 Olympic Games
Scat Squad commander Tara starts off using Lorrie's mouth ....

SCAT Toilet Girl!

Sasha just loves her job of keeping the public toilets clean
and when her boss Miss Diarrhea comes to shit Sashais more
then happy to make the boss feel like the Queen that she is.
Sasha's job perk is to be her personal Toilet!

SCAT Fucker Girl!

Nancy just loves to be covered in shit when she gets fucked hard up her ass.
She likes it because it makes her feel dirty and nasty and she cums real hard.
She then squirts the hot cum out of her ass and drinks it all... Nasty girl!

SCAT Milk Maids!

These sexy girls take Milk Enemas up their ass and dump the
now scat brown milk on Monica's cute face! Lots of shit
comes out and Monica chews it up and laughs...........

Winnie the Pooh Girl!

Beautiful Winnie becomes the Pooh Girl in an insane contest
all in good fun to raise money to buy a HD TV for the local
Orphanage. 25 girls pay $25 each to use Winnie as a 'Pay Toilet'!

Scat Massage Girls!

In this unbelievable video 35 girls, guys, and
one transsexual take turns shitting on Jenna's
face and body all while 2 of the massage girls
rub the shit all over Jenna! This has got to be
the heaviest use of scat we've ever seen.......

Mega SHIT Bath Extravaganza!

Watch as multiple girls take Huge Mega Shits
on these two beautiful girls. They even eat
hot shit that just came out of a girl's asshole!.
One of them has a good appetite for shit and can't
stop herself from eating more. This had got to be
one of the best Scat Moves ever made!!


After Tina got down and Brown for us Lisa
decides to do the same but this time Lisa
says she will out do her scat rival Tina &
also eat ALL the shit she's fed!.......


Tina is a Go-Go Dancer at a local club
She gets as many girls as she can to use her
as a Toilet! She covers herself in stinky
brown Shit and even likes to show us how she
can eat it too! ........


3 Girls take there Halloween Party to the Extreme!
They become Scat Demon's that desire the taste of
each others Scat to unite there immortal Scat powers
Tonight the only treats will come from within them.


Emerald cooks many different yummy scat meals with many girls shit!
Scat rice, Scat dumplings, Scat soup, Scat egg rolls, Scat burgers,
then Emerald eats everything up! .....


Wild girls party in shit style!
These girls just love to have there own private scat party every night.
Watch as they invite in a new girl named Amanda who attends her
first party and gets the royal scat treatment!


These 2 girls meet up at a Summer Horse Camp and not before
long find out playing around in all the shit they find is
more fun then ever. Getting down and brown on the farm
cleaning out the barn has never been so much fun!

Scat Princess!

When you’re a Royal Princess you only dine on the finest food around.
Princess Meemee always feasts daily on a creamy brown caviar delicacy.
She also enjoys a daily bath in the brown and a therapeutic fecal facial
followed by a scat fuck from one of the scat servants in her palace!

Scat Race Queen Part #2

Angela is back for more high octane scat fun in part 2 of "Scat Race Queen"
In part 2 watch as she eats loads of hot shit this time right from his ass
and swallows it all! Then she eats her own shit too!
This hot looking girl is just way to wild, if we could only find more like her!

Scat Olympic Games in ASS-Ends!

Kiki becomes a public toilet, total strangers right off the street use her as a shit pot!
We are amazed and entertained by her heroic efforts at winning the Scat Olympics brown medal.
Possibly the most shocking, extreme, insane attempt at winning!
Kiki surprises us all when she says she’s going to go for a walk on the street and
wants us to follow! Her dress and face covered in shit that’s now starting to
dry on her sexy body!

Scat Race Queen!

Being the sexy Queen of the Race Angela is willing to do anything to be with
the winning teams driver! After the race she follows him back to the hotel room
telling him she will 'Do anything' and do Everything she does!
Scat is what he wants and she's more then happy to comply. Later a friend shows up
and Angela becomes the center of attention as the sexy High Speed Queen of Scat!
There is some high octane footage here, don't miss it!

Scat Pixie Twins!

Real Scat Pixie Twins show us there strong social bonding for each other
with there lustful scat play! Taking turns they shit into each others mouths
then playfully frolic within there shit laughing out loud! Rubbing each others
scat all over and then some heavy SCAT Kissing that makes the shit liquefy
and ooze from there lips!

Scat Enema Head Nurse

She's a real Head Nurse experienced in giving Enemas however this time we turn
the table on her and turn her over pushing her Enema syringe up her ass and filling
her up! Before long she's squirting it all over the place and we shower her in the
liquid shit. This Nurse seems to lover every moment covered in shit as you will see!
There is some amazing footage of another enema while shes still in her white stockings!

New Euro Scat Feature Area

They're beautiful, smiling, and so very depraved. Every month, 
meet new shitty sluts from across Europe getting high on Shit 
and Extreme Kinky Sex! 

Members you can enter now right here MEMBERS AREA


Samanta walks the streets in SHIT!

last years

Scademy Award Winner!
"Best new Scatress"

We knew Samanta is crazy about shit but what we didn't know
was her dream of becoming "Miss Scatwalker 2014!"
She came to us with this idea on how to out do Kinko and her well known
Scatwalker stunt last year. Smanta plans to get "unknown girls" right off
the street to shit on her face! Then go for a long walk around the city
and show off publically to everyone she is covered in shit of 8 girls!
This is a never done before scat stunt!!! Don't miss it!

Big Boob Girls
Scat Party!

Yoshi & Samanta"
These 2 girls with big boobs like to get as scatty as possible!
Be amazed as Samanta shits a huge load on Yoshi from her small ass.
Yoshi just loves it so much and wants to be covered in
Samanta's scat love that turns them into Scat loving Animals!!
The two girls even vomit on each other while sucking on scat dildos!

From ScatLive
Lesbian SCAT Body Sliding!

Nat & Nut in "Lesbian SCAT Body Slide!"
A side event from the Scat Live TV show.
These 2 girls from the audience decided to show
us what they like to do with each other in bed!
What fun they have showing off their Scat Body Sliding!

Urishada takes it like a scat pro that she is!
Suki lives up to her promises of a diarrhea dump!
An unbelievable movie event of all time!
A true passion for SHIT and it shows clearly!
Urishada scat servitude is 100% true scat lust!
October 31st, 2011. The best Scat Event to date!
More SHIT then ever!

Part 2 of "Scat Live" is "The Shit Show goes on!"
Now with even more girls and new very cute toilet girl Urishada!
Let the Shit Games Begin!

Kinko becomes a public toilet, a total of 10 different girls use her as a shit pot!
She takes it like a pro, not bothered at all by the fact that these girls are shitting all over her face!
We are amazed and entertained by her heroic efforts at winning the Million Dollar$.
She even seems to be enjoying herself as we did notice her erect nipples when the shit started to flow.
After School Scat Orgy!

This amazing video was sent to us by 3 school girls and their teacher who together
claimed they could easily beat anyone else who wanted to compete in the Scat Olympics.
They are nominated now for the best group event!
As you will see these girls get into some very extreme action!

Milky Wet Scat Dreams!

Susanne always dreamed of having 3 sexy girls give her a brown shower with milk enemas!
Is it real or just a dream?
Susanne awakes only to find it's all too real but loves every minute!
Twisted "Shity" Sisters!

These 2 sisters just had to show use what sibling rivalry is all about!
Together they play like no other and you will be shocked as to what they really do!!
You have to watch this movie to understand..... no words can explain :-)
You WILL never forget what you see here it's that crazy!
Mistress Scat Bitch!

Mistress Scat Bitch always has the upper hand as you will see!
Whipping her Scat Slave Boy and Fist Fucking his ass he dares not to complain!
His reward is to eat Mistress Scat Bitch's SHIT!!
Scat & Milk Ass Fuck!

This couple got together with some scat ladies to party just for us!
As you will see 4 ladies shit on Ann as her husband fucks her ass!
Then the girls take MILK enemas and discharge them on Ann's face and body!!
Satellite Broadcast!

Haru stars in the next event called "Brown Love Bed of SHIT!"
10 girls from the studio audience take turns shitting all over her
All while John fucks her ass!
Then our Nico the Bunny girl decided to shit on her face too
Just a crazy fun time for all who attended the show.
Sharon & Shenna

Sharon and Shenna are the best of friends and share everything they like.
They both enjoy having hot scat sex together and being watched for fun!
These 2 girls are turely HOT and really are into each other and their SHIT!
Don't miss these very hot girls coming next to!!!!!
Satellite Broadcast!

Minko becomes a Public Toilet Bowl
taking the shit from over 20 girls!!!
You have to see this show it's just totally INSANE
and Minko loves every minute being covered in SHIT!

Join me NOW I got to SHIT bad!

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